New Things (Thoughts?) that are Influencing Me

A new book begun today bought at an estate sale one Sunday morning on my way to the church I grew up in, but the main point of interest: on my way to church. I have not attended church seriously since I was a smallsmallsmall child. But an interesting thing about the book: Buddhist philosophy from a Tibetan teacher. I showed the book to a friend today and he said, “I am reading almost the same thing.” He pulls out a book of Jesus’ words.

Paying closer attention to how I talk to others, especially people that I take for granted. Along with attention-paying: making a point to apologize more and make sure my love overcomes my never-ending moodiness.

Making more of an effort to spend time with new people not to expand social circle, but in order to expand worldview. I have the desire to be able to love more people with ease, and in order to do this I must continue to engage with others and learn from them. Spending time with others in order to see the interconnected-ness of everything and to feel the love for everything/one without prejudice.

Noticing what I prioritize and how it serves me (or does not serve me). How do I spend my time? I have been making mental notes for months now and the results are in and changes are to be made.

The desire to start something that is my own and maybe is a bit drastic or a bit foolish but feeling like the start is the most important part of anything. Telling the people in my life that I am going to do a thing so that I will do the thing despite my own doubts.

Making the decision that I must create new things everyday so I end up writing a half-thought, not-thought, blog post late in the evening.

What has been influencing you?





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