Current… (for me)

My life as it currently is : waking up at four (4) in the morning; putting away my bed (folding bed sheets and storing pillows); going for a run in the dark; always almost running into a spider’s web, the spider in the middle of the web (a large spider); running across a bridge and feeling like the world somehow looks different along the bridge and on the other side; yoga and meditation; cutting up little ginger slices and boiling hot water to make ginger tea; taking a shower and putting myself together; French and reading and sometimes : writing; packing lunch or making lunch; taking the train to campus; walking to campus, always seeing something new along the way (watching as the world changes); classes and studies and coffee and walking around, looking at all of the people; the inside of the library and between the stacks; the inside of the language building underneath the stairwell; the inside of the BLB and my reflection in the bathroom mirror; my professors speaking, me listening; sometimes seeing others and others seeing me; sitting in the coffeehouse just off of campus and being recognized (“Jessica, right?”); catching the train back home; shopping for groceries or straight home (usually groceries); making dinner with jazz playing in the back; using as many vegetables as possible; wine; Downton Abbey (two seasons left); reading and homework and notetaking; washing my face and brushing my teeth; sleep.
Sometimes : climbing. Sometimes : speaking. Sometimes : knitting. Sometimes : wanting to be alone.

A proper post being written up soon. I am very preoccupied with classes and so some things slip my mind (too often). I hope all is well. We will speak soon,


From the window of the train

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