Illness Whilst Travelling

IMAG2337.jpgMy adventures in Australia have not been as exciting as some may think because I have been sick for a lot of my trip. Most days I have been too weak and too exhausted to go out and explore as much as I would like to, and instead I have been taking things very slowly. My anecdotes then are few and are centered around my friend, Lily, and conversations I have had in passing with strangers. The reason for my trip was to visit Lily, so whilst being sick is unfortunate it also does not ruin the experience.

I will take a moment to say, for whatever reason I remember landing and finding myself feeling as I have not felt in a long time whilst travelling: I am somewhere new. Sydney from the sky as my flight was landing was unlike anywhere else I had seen before. The sea had carved out and separated different parts of the land, and some pieces were in complete isolated darkness. Looking out towards the horizon, the sea and the sky and the low clouds were a soft blue and purple haze and there was a small boat rocking on the water, its light flashing on and then off again. I have not been to many places by the sea and every time I am I find myself seeing the world in a way I had not before. The foreboding sea stretches his long fingers out before me and I just watch him as he erodes and moves and sings softly. I have not caught a bus from Lily’s house to the beach just yet, but this Wednesday I will and I am sure that I will have more to say on the matter after. I am making myself a picnic and going out to visit the sea. I am sure it will be cold so I will wrap myself up tightly and perhaps buy myself something nice and warm to fill my belly. I will bring a book, my notebook, something to write with, and a little camera. Instruments that allow for documentation and the process of lingering in one spot for an extended period are important for the proper digestion of a sensation when travelling–all of these items are necessary for this digestion.

There are many other things I have yet to do because I have not had the proper energy. This week is when I will finally be able to go out (hopefully) and see more of Sydney before I leave. In a few days Lily and I fly to Brisbane to visit another friend for about a week.

I will come back and report my findings to you soon. If you have any suggestions or recommendations for me please send them along! I hope you are well.



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